About Us

 Academy of Dance was founded in 1993 by Merle Sepel.  Offering an assortment of dance classes and performance opportunities, Academy of Dance also enters its students in internationally recognized programs and competitions. In 1999, the Academy of Dance aided in establishing the American Pacific Ballet Company, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase community awareness of the performing arts and to provide performance opportunities for aspiring dancers.

The Academy of Dance is also proud to be the first school worldwide to implement the Enchanted Doorway dance program. The Enchanted Doorway is a series of lessons for 3-6 year-olds designed to stimulate creativity, increase coordination, and introduce young children to the art of dance.  A significant and unique feature of the Enchanted Doorway program is the specially composed music and sound effects, which relate directly to the themes of the program, and are illustrative of the movements, emphasizing tempo, pitch, and the differing qualities of music.  The program launch was in 2004, and new lessons are introduced every year.

Our commitment at Academy of Dance is to instill a love of dance in our students, offer the highest standard of training, and foster a positive, nurturing environment for our dancers to grow and thrive in. Please contact us today- we are always thrilled to welcome more dancers into our family!